From Plate Tectonics
Earth Expansion 
The mustard is cutThe Big Ship is turning.  Witness the gradual cell-death of Plate Tectonics (1967-2017) [Fifty years; use-by expired].  Time for a cool change. ["Everything old is new again."]

Mike Clark  (Hi, Mike)
John Taylor for moral support on sci.geo.geology and logical arm-wrestling.
Jean-Paul Turcaud - Discoverer of Telfer  for likewise support.
Fanny Dildo, for taking on The Seismo Support Team from the Plate Tectonic Graveyard.
Neal Adams - for graphics and popularising Earth Expansion.
Liam Scheff [1]  
John Elliston - Phyiscal chemistry of small particle systems  [1] [2] [3]
Stephen Hurrell on Dinosaurs  [1] [2] [3] [4
Gene Ellis on Ionic Growing Earth :-:  Earth [1]  Moon [2]  Sun [3]
James Maxlow on the expanding Earth [1
List of scientists advocating Earth Expansion - compilation [1
(DRB contact lost)

[Spoiler alert :-  When you see this  => it means there's a link to a page on the (e-)book I'm writing (if I ever get round to finishing it).  

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