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(Continuing the story) :-  Rubbing the Earth away makes it bigger.  Yeah?  .. How?.

Newton's Third Law :- "To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction".   Aphorism or platitude, I'm not sure which, but checking it out I find that keep rubbing the Earth away by erosion keeps making it bigger.  It's very strange that this quirky behaviour is not taken up by Plate Tectonics since it's pretty good at noticing silly things :-

"Is the crust being pushed up ? Or falling down?" 
"Dummy, .. it's falling down. The mantle as subducting slabs, you know (?).  The continents are behemoths /bulwarks - fixed bastions of resistance pushing half-a-world of moving mantle down by the slabful, but at the same time they're getting crumpled up into mountains by the soft sediments that pile up on them."

[unpack this. => ]

Meanwhile, out there, .. on the Big Shippo HMS B.S. P.T. :-
...  " It was a dark and stormy night.  The wind howled, the lightning flashed, the thunder roared and the storm blew, and the rain came down in torrents.  And the captain said to the cook, "Cook, .. spin us a yarn", and the cook began as follows :-
"Y'know, .. it's an odd fact, but wherever we go in the world the Earth's surface is being reduced to flatness.  Ice /snow, wind /rain, glaciers and rivers, they're all working to make the Earth flat."
[Sailor 1.]  "Aw, .. C'mon Kook, .. not that one again .. "
"About 'flat'.  Everybody knows the Earth's not flat."
"Ah never said it was."
"Yes you did."
"No I didn't."
"Yes you did.  You said the Earth was flat and the other lot were working, which is more than what you do most of the time."
"I said they were working to *make* it flat.  That means it's not already flat. Anyway if your attention's up then here's one for you.  You know how Bad Bart fell off the crows nest the other day and got wet because of gravity, and how gravity makes it so you never get to sail over the horizon, well this is another brick in the wall of gravity.
[Sailor2.] "Belay pin in a fife rail.  How long have you been on this ship, cook?
"Four weeks out from port ever since the King's Shilling, and nivver a regret either me 'earties.  You're as fine a bunch 'o lads as ivver I clapped on.  'Strewth."
"Yeah, .. well, don't go talking about brick walls, gravity and stones of any sort.  Not on this ship.
[Sailor1] "That's wimmin, .."
"What is?"
"Luck. Women - an' thar be dragons, .. bad luck on ships they be."
"Who's talking about women?  I'm not."
"Well we wish you were, ..   .. "
"If it's bad luck you're looking for just wait till dinner."
"No I'm, ...   "


And so on.

So you can see how the dialogue is shaping up.  The crew are not very enamoured of the cook's story, and it's got something to do with what he's saying about Gravity. What the cook was trying to say before the crew got off the point and excited was ...

Read more?   Five mentions in t he box reminds me to post it.  We're going to sink this ship - beginning with erosion that helps to prove the Earth is getting bigger.  (But that's not where we started either.)

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