Tuesday, October 25, 2016

"In the Beginning was the Word" ...

... and they get us into all sorts of fucken trouble.  Well, do they not?

(Ask "The Donald". )

[On listening to the radio while doing dishes as one does.]

Actually, I was trying to write something into this narrative of Plate Tectonics that's been bugging me for a while, and about which (last time I looked - cursorily; long ago) I drew a blank.

Many years ago I was in a record shop and a little 45rpm E.P. record caught my eye.  It was a top-seller back then - Laurence Olivier speaking the theme from the musical "Time".  I've hardly played it since.  And then with vinyl going out of fashion and one thing and another, .. .. well, ..      But over the years the words kept coming back to me.  And the backing is clever [suitably 'gravitas' /"gravitational" with a tinkly 'subtext'].  (Probably I didn't look hard enough.)  So doing it again I google :-  < Who wrote the words, lyrics for the theme to the musical 'Time' as spoken by Laurence Olivier > and discover it begins with the words,  "Stand before me on the Sign of Infinity, .. all you of the Earth".   Which surprised me because it always sounded to me to be "all ye who have fear", which sounds to me actually better [me being a bit of a narcissist for thinking I can blow against the Plate Tectonic wind].  Because not everybody is (fearful).  Some people are really quite gung-ho the way they throw their ideas and words and sundry enticements around in a fantastical manner and capture the minds and imagination of other people who should know better.  And others wilt like lettuce at the very idea, and take time to get off their bum with their lives.

[Ah, to instill that one into children ... ]

The next surprise was the word "probenation".  What's that?  It's not in the dictionary.  What does it mean?  I mean it's there, .. and it sounds good.  But what does it mean?  It must mean something.  Whoever wrote the words must know.  And a quick google shows he does (so it will be in the dictionary now.) (Google = some resource.)  It's right down the bottom, where he says, "*(MEANING OF THE LAW OF PROBENATION :- According to David Soames, who wrote the lyrics:  "The Law of Probenation is a play on the word "probation" which is handed out to a criminal by the British courts, it means that they are on probation to behave themselves otherwise the court will call them back and impose a custodial sentence on said criminal for whatever crime they may have committed")

Oh, right. I see.  Pretty good.  The lyrics generally are good.  In fact I would say very good.  And therefore take note of the site I have found it on , and wonder why I was never much aware of the musical Time (at the time) (; out of the loop), .. and discover that too, to be very good, and worth a good look. [Recommended.]

The lines I particularly like in the lyrics are about "knowledge, reason, understanding and the responsibility of sharing". ["Responsibility"?  Gee, .. that's some heavy word (!)]   I'm not so sure about the idea of order though (versus  the idea of chaos), and which way the arrow of consequence points (the bugbear of  theorising), .. you know, .. the top-down /bottom-up thing ..  The - Butterflies in Beijing  (since science fiction is getting a mention; clever video.), or Assad in Syria (another pokemonster) (acting out his pretty gruesome one) versus The "you know what I mean" Donald possibility in the White House.]

I would put that Time clip right at the top of my own effort, but somehow I've got that other time-lord one in yellow, .. the guy in the tin hat,.. from the Land of Oz, behaving like a doppelganger.  :-))

(Me or them.  I'm not sure. )

But shaking the maracas anyway.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Shopping.  Waiting for the bus.  One goes past going the other way.  On it is a picture with the words "Gears of War - Never fight alone", ..  I don't quite know why it makes me laugh.  (Maybe you can tell me.)  Something to do with the possibility of a Donald Trump in the White House grabbing women's crotches, "Because you can do that when you are well-known".   Here's the picture:-

Oh, sure, .. It's a game.  Just a game, .. and what's more, only designed to appeal to young adlescence.  What's that got to do with anything (besides me an' Julio down by the schoolyard I mean.)  What's that? ..  Like Pokemon (?) ..Yeah?  .. Oh well, .. (I think that's my point).

And just by the way somehow my mind jumps to this morning's news where it is being announced that a coalition of forces is assembling in a bid to retake the city of Mosul from Isis, which we can watch in real time on newsfeeds.

Refresh memory.  Mmm, .. Mosul.  Check.  Remembered because there was a dam there that was said to be under structural threat, that could release a catastrophic flood if ISIS ...

  But Google earth anyway (for the dam).  Dams are a fair size (and there's a few), but reflect on the "Relentless imperative of Flatness" (of geological process) and think "shallow", .. and with a good pair of wellies you could probably walk across them and not get your feet wet.

Flat land, .. and then remembered, .. the names of places shown, .. Ramadi, Falluja Tikrit, ... Abu Ghraib, even, ..I see Haditha.  I know what a hadith is.  I check it out on the Wiki anyway for confirmation and think, "Let's take a closer look on the google", and click on a panoramio pic.  Almost immediately I come up with this one of a fellow in a mosque.  Peaceful.  Just further down the list on the google search page I see something about a massacre, .. read it (some) (I don't remember hearing about that)  and think "how did we get from that 'yesterday' to the news today?"  Under whose 'aegis'?  What really is the cause of all this sectarian violence that won't go away?  And am reminded of the sectarian violence in another place, Ireland, not so long ago, that went by the name of  'The Troubles".  But it could be in many places.

 But what chance, when they are fed 'games' like the above and come to regard it as the norm via the nightly news, and wait for the day when they too can be 'Soldiers of the Cross' (Or the Koran), with a wee death's head to wear till they can string a few real ones round their waist.  Somehow it doesn't occur to them that it might be theirs on the string.

Poor old Pope, holed up in the Vatican, .. a hostage to everybody else's sometimes-belief.  And Julian Assange and Edward Snowden holed up too, .. on account of The Great Satan.  [How many Islamic equivalents are there?  (Question)]    Or is that a many-headed hydra needing decapitatated?

What a world, .. stranger than fiction - until you get the hang of it, when even sheer lunacy seems ok.

So, ... what's for dinner?  (Let's go and see if the power's still on.)  (And if there still is one.)


Talking about the Pope being holed up in the Vatican (hostage to people's emotional /spiritual needs) and the possible election of  "The Donald"  to the White House (and the likely future increase in reportage of groping behaviour generally), we should note another newsworthy event creeping out from under the carpet, namely the proposed takeover of our public houses by science on grounds (presumably) that we should have a world based on rational thought, rather than an emotional irrational one based on politics and religion, and that we should begin by recognising something that seems to have escaped the vegemite sandwich - that beer is something of a (hic!) r'l'g'n, that should not be (hic!) encouraged.

"So, what'll you have?"
"Dunno, .. what's the Pope drink?"
"Creme de menthe."
"Ok, a pint of that then."

Friday, October 7, 2016

The First Part

.. In which the credentials of the protagonists are disclosed ..

Fig.1.  The protagonists.  1. Earth-2 (a.k.a. The Death Star) looming large on the horizon, and 2.  Plate Tectonics with its tin hat on, saving the nation.

But First ..

("We're going to have to talk about ' The Donald' ")  :-

[ ...   "Money is the root of all evil"; even as Donald Trump flaunts his tax return, the banks (the purveyors of the money-system) are under increasing scrutiny for their exploitative behaviours, people are clamouring for jobs (where there are none), and The Donald (as I write) is vying to outdo Billy-the-Clint's record of sexual exploits in the name of explaining to everybody where this zoo is headed ..

" C'mon Drivah, br-rr-Rrmm
Get dis muvva on de road
Revverup an' doan' go slow
'Coz we got An Opus goin' 

"... And it is here we're going to have to talk about the grotesquery that is at "the root of all evil",  and see if, like Jesus, The Donald (if he gets in) can drive a hard bargain and perform a Lazarus-like resurrection on the Category 3 (of money) the chuckable - the chuck it down the drain-able), so that everybody will believe in Him.  Going by his tax returns I doubt it, but you never know.  Could he possibly prostrate himself in humble abjection before the Office of the President? .. Confess his sins? ..Brandish them in the face of Mammon? .. And promise to slay the Mobs (Monster of Bank Supremacy), .. bring it to heel under the aegis of government?

Oh, .. Redemption!!   Wouldn't  the r.r.religious r.r.right just love that !?!  That would write him into the History Books and no mistake.

[It's his only chance (i.m.o.) and he's got two days to internalise the plan.]

( What's the odds? ) ..   :-))


What fantastic television that would make.  Well, if he doesn't get in he can always go back to television, and do it there, leaving everybody to wonder why he couldn't have done it for real when he had the chance.

< .. Then something about Pokemonsters (with Big Hair) prowling round the zoo. .. >


Lewd comments?  Won't hurt him one little bit.  Not in his support base anyway.  What will hurt him is just not being fast enough on his feet to reply in a suitable way.  (I'm trying to think of one too.)  (Which is why I'm not president and he's having a go.)  It's his faltering, and what's happening in the zoo I'm concerned about.  He's a man of his time who wants to bring back the way it was. What's the matter?  Isn't that what people are voting for?  It's not as if he's advocating behaviour at the dinner table.

(Ah, .. the good old days, .. all that sex in the city.).   But then, it's what got the Muslim Brotherhood uptight, and brought down the twin towers, so maybe people have a right to be concerned, if the views of another man of his times is anything to go by.

 ("Baby, it's cold outside." )  ... groping for words, ...  and using aeroplanes instead.



In defence of Trump
Well, .. it looks like it didn't happen. Debate No 2 told us nothing that hasn't already been on display, except maybe the way the media (if you watch the video) are not representing context as well as they might.  For example focusing on Trump's defence rather than Clinton's opening attack on him for his 'unpresidential'  ("locker room") comments, then complaining that Trump wasn't sticking to the issues. Trump is quite right to take umbridge over that one, but perhaps he should have left it in her court with a simple remark re. its contribution to America's [and elsewhere], predilection for "that sort of thing" anyway, by simply referencing the supremacy of porn over all other internet traffic] and perhaps a mention on hypocrisy, and a further passing mention too about women staking the territory in any case :- :-
Wiki-link for Sex and the City :- " .. The series received both acclaim and criticism for its subjects and characters, and is credited with helping jump-start HBO.[1] It spawned two feature films, Sex and the City (2008) and its sequel Sex and the City 2 (2010), and a prequel series by The CW, The Carrie Diaries. It also won seven of its 54 Emmy Award nominations, eight of its 24 Golden Globe Award nominations, and three of its 11 Screen Actors Guild Award nominations. Sex and the City still airs in syndication worldwide and has been listed on Entertainment Weeklys end-of-the-decade "best of" list and as one of Time magazine's 100 Best TV Shows of All-TIME.[2] The show placed #5 on Entertainment Weekly's "New TV Classics" list.[3] In 2013, TV Guide ranked it at #40 on its list of the Best Series of All Time.[4]
In this case he would have been quite right to fade with an "everybody knows what I'm talking about."  It's the men and women, "Mars /Venus" thing.  So what? It's not as if he was trying to explain himself over going into Vietnam, or Iraq, or Syria - or sailing battleships in China's front door to "protect trade routes" and risk WW3, in the name of making sure we can buy the stuff China wants to sell us.

Sense of proportion (Both? of them).  None.  A bit risky bait for Hillary to use, though?  Not at all. She gauged rightly that Trump would take the bait (and therefore she got the chance to kill two birds with one stone) ( D.T. + the other one) (again).  [ ("Glass houses.") ]

Trump.  For all his casinos he's not a gambler.  That much can be said, ..and is therefore not a strategist.  Or maybe he is and that's what was revealed; real 'gamblers' don't gamble, they place sure bets, .. like Hillary did.  It was clearly planned as a Demo-of-Donald, and he didn't stick to his guns of telling it like it is, namely that blokes are a pretty dumb bunch when it comes to women, and can get themselves into all sorts of innocent trouble - not in any way a match for the manipulations of the 'gentler' sex, .. which of course is the reason why Hillary's there.  [Who remembers The Dominatrix, Margaret Thatcher, skelping Christopher Hitchens on his bum, and wielding her sex like a machete generally?]  [link]  Christopher, of course, being a gentleman, wore that assault on his manhood like a badge of honour.

Sex, .. it's such a big thing in America.  (Like Guns.)  Italy /France /Russia /Japan? (etc) must be looking on in amusement, wondering how they can possibly navigate 'America', and hoping The Donald gets in, .... ["Hey, you spikka my lan'widge .."]

?Amusement?   ("Sense of proportion"?)   America, .. a good decade ahead of the pack, .. so look out for more,  wherever, when everything old is new again.

Case closed?

( The Donald, .. in innocent trouble.)

" ..The smile and the pussycat went to see,
which one of them could float .  .. "
Despite hair on the head
and a smile(?) on the face, ..
... we're still really not that much wiser what sort of boat each of them is really pushing out - but from which it is amply clear 1  that Trump is not a gambler, and 2. that Hillary has been exercising her masseter muscles (/mandibles) in expectation of Devouring The Donald..  (Alive.)

Moral of the story :-: remember Brexit.

Thursday, October 6, 2016


(Re-post of events covering the so-called Cologne attacks at Christmas, 2015)

P.S.   20160111

( More on Guns and being fast on the Draw at Yuletide.)  ["Lewdness"]

Except it's about cameras and not being.

So where were all the cameras? (!)

So somebody got their bum felt and their handbag pinched.  What's so special about that when there's a crowd of drunks for cover?  The two go together like "The Dickens and a Pocket or two (oo.o.)," do they not?  It's the way it's always done.. [Makes it less trouble when you show a little affection ("Peace sister, peace.  .. I haven't eaten for days. ]

"Yes officer, somebody put their hand on my bum and when I turned round it was gone.  Didn't even notice it got snatched."
"Yes, Ma'am, but you managed to remain standing.  And you had your mobilie-phone in your handbag so you couldn't take a picture of the /miscreant.  That so?" 
"Yes officer."
"Anything else?"
"Well, .. one thing led to another and before I knew it there were thousands of them and my knickers had gone too."
< ... then something about rape..>

So where are all the mobile phone pictures of these assaults?   Seems like nobody was very quick on the draw here.

Oops yes, I see one (just posted).  Right on cue :-
 ..which follows the earlier Telegraph reportage :-
in which :-
"..Dozens of women trying to see in the New Year in the centre of Cologne found themselves trapped in a crowd of some 1,000 men, who groped them, tore off their underwear, shouted lewd insults and threw fireworks at them..."

What a beat-up.  'Course it was organised.  If I was a PEGIDAST or an ISIList I'd say it's all maturing quite nicely if we just leave it to (some) people (like me) to do what they're naturally inclined to do where immigrants /refugees are involved  once they get this idea of "connectedness" in their head.
["Whenever two or more of them are gathered in its name" (in beerhalls and such) there is bad behaviour.]

Seen it all before?

In that article with the thousand men and the lewd insults the police said "they were tipped off about plans by groups of asylum seekers to sexually harass women", but somehow the whole thing went "almost completely unreported for five days - and the scale of what happened that night in the western German city is only now emerging."

(Apparently the plan wasn't working and evidently needed the injection of some drama.  And many came forward (eventually) to supply it.  With a total absence of any smoking-gun pics.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Deja vu?

Hey,.. ?Donald Trump plays the lead role in 'Hair'. [ Big Hair- who remembers?] :-

"When the Moo.o.oon is in the Seventh House
And Jupite.e.er aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the pla.a.nets
And leu.eu.ve will steer the stars. "
( youtube )
" ... And then I thought of Donald Trump, who advocates military force as the solution to all international complexities. Who, despite having graduated college at the height of the Vietnam War, managed to avoid military service. ..

America's very own Rodrigo Duterte

 " .. Donald Trump, who says he would force the military to commit war crimes. Donald Trump, who advocates waterboarding because “if it doesn’t work, they deserve it anyway.” Who advocates plundering oil from oil-rich countries, in violation of the Geneva Conventions. Who disparaged John McCain’s war service because he was captured by the North Vietnamese. Who rallies his supporters with name-calling and chest-beating about vanquishing all foes and being bigger and tougher and more ruthless and never apologizing or backing down. Who promises to bring those same traits to his foreign policy. " [Huffington]

Trump, who operates from an entirely emotional [gut-feel +middle-finger narcissistic - not compassionate] base, is endorsed by The National Police Union. ..
"The union’s president, Chuck Canterbury, said in a statement that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton hadn’t bothered seeking the union’s backing." [Huffington]  
 By design or oversight doesn't matter.  What's he saying - that the police are to be bought with promises of ever-harder tactical enforcement weapons [tanks in schools maybe]?  With policemen already downed to sniperkill, and the National Rifle Association supporting flooding the place with guns, that's becoming a moot point.  It's the "Never apologising and backing down" that's the kicker; brinkmanship develops push-back.

Emotions.  Running high.  Harbinger of things to come?  [Written all over him.]  There's a trajectory here that is more than a little disturbing, given the acknowledged decline of America as a stabilising force in  the world.  Why for example do we need battleships enforcing the right to protect trade routes that let us buy stuff that China wants to sell us?   America with its bases in Japan, Korea, the Phillippines.  Where does China have its bases off America, in the interest of "global stability"?  

That expressive middle finger (lifted high) will seal the deal between China and Russia (and quite possibly the rest of the Middle East) for sure. 

(Refrain [ the gambler]:-)
" You've got to know when to hold 'em
Know when to fold 'em
Know when to walk away
And know when to run
You never count your money
When you're sittin' at the table
There'll be time enough for countin'
When the dealin's done .. "
Obama's legacy(?)  .. handing over now to The Donald, Vlad, and  Xi Jinping  (singing karaoke on an emotional high?).  I doubt it.   Be careful what you wish for.  Half the world's on fire already (from within); or on the verge of it.  And that's just courtesy of a Phantom from the Opera (religious and cultural differences).  Throw The Donald's hair (and transparency) ["We've come a long way from nudity, baby"]  into the mix and it could be very eXpl0sive indeed.

Nudity revealed :-: " Who promises to bring those same traits to his foreign policy"  And is thus undone by his own middle finger.  Sticking to domestic policy is what everybody wants and thinks he's promising.  But do people really think an ego like that knows its limitations?

The Donald does, but God does not (play dice).  
The world might be in a spin but it is not a casino.  
Donald Trump does not herald the Age of Aquarius 
(For American 'greatness') any more than Assad does for Syria.

There's a certain inexorable certainty about all of this that we've seen before, centred around economic unrest,  .. something that nobody seems to want very much to talk about.  Who exactly is Trump waving that middle finger at?  Wall Street?  Mexicans?  Muslims?  And does it really matter very much? 

 "Great (again)" ?  What does that actually mean?  Frankly I doubt if he  knows either, but there does seem to be something getting lost in translation - like a pathological ego just bursting to get out.  With an "I don't give a Flying F***!! " finger like that, in the office of Commander-in-Chief, whether it be on his shoelace or the big red button, .. well, .. talk about one night in Bangkok making a hard man tremble, .. it's enough to make me limp out like lettuce - and go and play Pokemon before I too become virtual reality.

P.S.  Which come to think of it is the game everybody is playing.  There has arisen a P.M. (a Pokey Monster). .  At least with Clinton you know what you've got, and are therefore more able to deal with it, but this is the Pied Piper, Ego Incarnate, the Devil of Democracy staring back at the very people who magicked it into reality and playing catch-me-if-you-can.  You can take away all those flags and any notion of public office.  They mean nothing.  The last resort could be staring everybody in the face. ["an inexorable certainty.."]   Seems to me Trump is not the issue, .. merely the embodiment of one.  He is a chimera - "virtual reality" made real,   The Establishment (and the 'Democracy' it supposedly represents) is under attack.  And on notice.   It's more than jobs.  It's 'Brexit' turned in on itself and ratcheted up to National Identity and 'the Dreaming'.  How far is push prepared to go when it comes to shove?

P.P.S.  It's a truly remarkable situation.  Trump's many and overt insecurities (crowned by his hair-piece) were much dissected prior to his nomination, and should have been profound disqualifications for the job, yet it has made no difference.  He has won the required votes for the nomination.
"What’s stupefying is that so many people can’t see that the emperor is naked." (link)
They surely can.  They either just don't care, or are endeared by his transparencies.  The difference from Brexit is that Brexit was centred in what was essentially a hypothetical that although many hoped for, few believed that it could actually happen and so voted with wilful disregard for the consequences.  Trump is the embodiment of the people's vote, which increases regardless of his continually revealed weaknesses.  Public complicity in his challenge is absolute.

Another view by John McQuaid, that in Trump we are seeing enacted "The Death of a Salesman" is perceptive in itself, but it could be more than that if instead of 'Trump' we read 'America' (as we have known it).  Given the much-noted 99 :: 1% wealth disparity (across the world) and the complicity of 'Big Money' in this, Trump, for all his perceived 'disqualifications' is precipitating what the Chinese would describe as "interesting times".   Alternatively, if it's Trump in the lead role of "the Hero's Journey" we're talking about, and elevate this to the public's perception of the American Dream ("The Hairy Age of Aquarius"(?), ..well, .. frankly, I'm not quite sure what the postscript could be.  Shriver's Mandibles dystopia?  Maybe, .. She's only missed the bit where The Donald (at the eleventh hour when all seems lost), strips off his wig and steps forward in the Shazzam(!) outfit, and puts everything right by doing that Karaoke thing with Vlad the Putin and The Xi Jinping. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

The Meaning of Life and Everything

[or .. The Pathology of Connectedness ]
 "Show me the normal person and I will cure him" (~Sigmund Freud)
      Themes above the line are musings on the human zoo.

===========  Plimsoll line (keeping  the boat afloat) ===============

     Themes below the line are about the geology.  Sometimes they get a bit mixed up because it can be difficult to separate them.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Mechanism for an Expanding Earth

 [An 8-element supplement to the above paper including this figure may be viewed here]
[See also ]

For some considering this matter of an expanding Earth, a mechanism for expansion would appear to be central to their acceptance before any physical expression such as the creation of the ocean floors ( = two thirds of the Earth's surface) would be credible.  Seeing,  it would appear, is not necessarily believing.  However, if such a mechanism were to be discovered  (such as the much-celebrated Higgs boson, discovered on the stroke of a funding midnight  and considered to be a credible expression of an expanding universe)  would they abandon their conviction of the 'reality' of subduction?  I doubt it.

In the meantime therefore, they may care to read  Mr E. Ellis' assessment of how an expanding universe is expressed on Earth.

Mr Ellis posits that :-
"The decay of five elements (O, Fe, Si, Mg and S) as exemplified by their ionization properties is responsible for the Earth accumulating sufficient mass to double its radius at least twice in the past billion years [and was] responsible for the oxygen in water doubling seven times in mass and volume for a one hundred and twenty-four fold increase to incrementally fill the growing ocean beds created during the crustal expansions of (the) past 180 to 200 million years."

.. and supports his narrative with six tables and seven figures that clearly reflect the considerable time and thoughtful effort he has invested in this enterprise :-

Table 1 =  Mass doubling rates for the above-mentioned elements
Table 2, 3 =  Earth mass and radius growth over past 540my
Table 4 =  Ionisation potentials of the five elements
Table 5 =  Variable Earth-mass growth rates from ionisations of the five selected elements
Table 6 =  Mass from table 5 with lagging radii

Fig.1 =   Geological time scale of five ions
Fig.2 =  Percentage mass v. time (Graph of table 5)
Fg.3 =    Mass, Radius, Density and gravity curves of Table 6.
Fig.4 =   Uncertainty on mass calculation
Fig.5 =    Uncertainty on radius calculation
Fig.6 =  Uncertainty on density calculation
Fig.7 =  Uncertainty on gravity calculation

I don't have a background in physics sufficient to evaluate Mr Ellis'  work, but I do recognise that in addressing this subject from a perspective of the atom rather than from the traditionally geological one (as I do), he takes an angle that not only returns us to considerations about the age of the Earth, how it formed and how it is warmed, but also invites us to consider how the intrinsic properties of elemental atoms may increase over time to form the material stuff of the planet.

Mr Ellis tells me that according to our present understanding of the universe the standard model of particle physics involves 2 entities, matter (4.9% atoms and 26.8% dark matter) and energy (68.3% dark energy) which are interchangeable.  However the mathematics of the standard model indicates something is lacking, .. hence the need for more sub-atomic particles and more complex math.  Mr Ellis believes that the ionic paper fills that void with a third entity - entropy, which is not interchangeable with the other two - mass can convert to entropy all right (burn a piece of paper), and energy can convert to entropy (how the Earth came to be heated in the first place), but not the reverse :: entropy is a one-way street.

The paper should be viewed as offering a method for finding the mass and radius of an expanding Earth that matches the observed geology. It is significant that all the points in Table 5 and Figure 4 are at, or very close to, a geological boundary where highly significant changes in the fossil record are noted.

Comments are welcome either here, or on the 'contact author' link provided in Mr Ellis'  paper.

Good reading.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


(Blog for website at http://users.indigo.net.au/don/ )

Readers interested in the argument for Earth expansion v. Plate Tectonics might like to revisit *this post* while I reorganise things here.  I think the whole business is encapsulated in those two points 1.  Subduction and 2. Along-ridge spreading.  Though of course it gets quite complicated in the detail (which it would of course, since everything geological is incorporated).

The essential point is that whichever is correct (expansion or subduction) (and they are mutually exclusive) the evidence has to be *writ large* to the point that it is hardly worth talking about - like day and night, Earth rotation and the Earth being round. [But just think of the wisdom that went into that lot! - which now is hardly even kindergarten stuff]

And that's it :-  *EITHER*  Subduction, 'evidenced' by the ambiguity of first motions of earthquakes and the destruction of an area of the Earth's crust = 2/3rds of its present area (that has 'disappeared' and for which there is therefore no evidence), ... *OR*  ...  Along-Ridge Spreading and Extension, which is a whole lot of ARSE staring Plate Tectonics in the face.